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Type DSH - Double Leaf
• DSH series fire vents are available in a number of standard UL-listed.

• Features include fully insulated covers and galvanized steel or aluminum construction.
The Lumivent® Double Leaf - Translucent
• Bilco has re-engineered its domed fire vent to provide a new low profile design and to enhance its thermal insulation.

• The Lumivent® gives you natural daylight, energy efficiency, and the protection you need as well as the performance you expect from Bilco - all at competitive pricing.

• The Lumivent® is UL-listed and features a multi-wall polycarbonate cover design that resists UV degradation and offers superior insulation performance over traditional domes.
Type ACDSH Double Leaf - Acoustical
• Available in a number of standard UL listed sizes, these vents are designed to guard against noise intrusion and at the same time provide the security of dependable automatic venting in the even of a fire.

• Vents carry an STC-45 and OITC-37 sound rating and are ideal for concert halls, theatres, casinos, and other applications.
Type REM Fire Vents
• Automatic REM Fire Vents open to a full 90 degrees or 140 degrees to ensure rapid dispersal of smoke and noxious fumes and can be positioned at the head of a stairway, lift shaft, or on a roof.

• In additions, REM's can be wired directly into a building's management system or can be supplied with a kit that is comprised of a dedicated battery back up control panel, fireman's switch, and smoke detector.

• REM's meet current legislation requirements of BS7346 part 1 (EN12101) and BS5588 part 5.