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Available Products:
GenFrame™ DW/MA-12
GenFrame™ DW/MA-14
GenFrame™ DW/MA-16
GenFrame™ DW/MA-18
GenFrame™ DW-22
Gensteel offers a full range of steel frames in standard or custom sizes and profiles. Steel frames are available for dry wall or masonry applications in 12, 14, 16, and 18 gauge for 13⁄4 in. (45 mm) doors and in 22 gauge for 13⁄8 in. (35 mm) doors. All standard frames are manufactured from galvannealed steel and are reinforced to receive specified architectural hardware in accordance to ANSI A115 standards. Frames are also available in stainless steel, lead-lined (x-ray) and G90 galvanized steel.

Gensteel also offers a full line of frames with thermal break for cold climate exterior applications.

Precision manufactured to extremely low tolerances, Gensteel frames are QuickFit certified, ensuring no-hassle assembly and perfect fit. This reduces installation time and cost.
Gensteel fire labeled steel frames are approved by both Intertek Testing Services (ITS Warnock Hersey) and Underwriters Laboritories (UL) Fire Labeling Programs*. Fire labeled steel frames must be installed with an equivalent fire labeled door with approved fire listed hardware. For fire labeling restrictions and limitations refer to the Fire Labeling Guide for Steel Frames.

* 22 gauge frames cannot be fire rated