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At Gensteel, we've always known our doors are tough. We make them that way. And now, there's proof. A recent series of five tests conducted by an independent laboratory rated Gensteel doors superior to five comparable brand name products. Good news for our customers, who now have solid evidence that they're making the right choice.
Gensteel doors and frames are the highest quality throughout and built to last for generations. They constantly surpass industry standards. The five tests conducted by Intertek Testing Services compared the Gensteel standard 20-gauge galvannealed steel model with honeycomb coreto five other comparable leading brands. Together, all the doors represent about 1/3 of the total market.
Five key performance factors were evaluated - resistance to break-in, deflection, delamination, twisting, and corrosion.
Break-in resistance was measured with an impact weight of 9.3 lb dropped on the door at the latch point from incremental heights until the latch yielded under impact. (Test inspired by ASTM D-1037-99)

The Gensteel door ranked best in the test with 32% more break-in resistance than the next best door and 129% more than the least performing door.

Deflection was tested by incremental weights loaded on an I-beam across the width of the horizontally-installed door. (Test inspired by ASTM C-203-99).

The Gensteel door ranked best in both the loading and residual deformation with less than half the deflection of the lowest performing door and 80% of the second best door.

The delamination test involved pull suction on both sides of the door at the same time, followed by a tensile test until delamination occured. (Test inspired by ASTM C-297-04)

The Gensteel door ranked first withstanding significantly more pressure and resisting delamination at 30% more load than the next best door. The lowest rankign door delaminated at a mere 10% of the load and pressure of the Gensteel door.

In the twist test, the door was supported at three points while the free corner was incrementally loaded with weights.

The Gensteel door ranked second in the loading phase, with 9% more deflection than the top door, and best in the residual phase, with 63% of the permanent deflection of the second best door.

Corrosion resistance to regular basic salt spray was measured on a 6" x 6" section of the door installed in a salt spray cabinet for 72 hours. (Test performed as per ASTM B-117-03).

The Gensteel door ranked best in corrosion resistance in the unpainted doors.